CHRISTOPHER G. BLOOD - VA Accredited Attorney (#38173)S
Mr. Christopher Blood (CA Bar # 215036) represents veterans denied VA disability benefits
or awarded lower benefits than what their disability should warrant.
If the VA made an initial determination as to your disability benefits, and you believe this determination resulted in less benefits than you are legitimately entitled, call lawyer Chris Blood today (619-804-2486) 
Free initial consultation - if no increase in your benefits, no fee charged* 
*service records mailing/copying costs may apply even if a disability award is not granted
Mr. Blood worked in DoD health for years and understands medical conditions and causes.  His publications include:
Blood CG. A Comparison of Postdeployment Hospitalization Incidence Between Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans, Military Medicine 
  Walker GJ, Blood CG.  The Patient Flow of Wounded Marines Within a Multi-Echelon System of Care.  Military Medicine

Blood CG, Jolly RT.  Comparisons of Disease and Nonbattle Injury Incidence Across Various Military Operations, Military Medicine

Blood CG, Anderson ME.  The Battle for Hue: Casualty and Disease Rates during Urban Warfare, Military Medicine

  Burkle FM, Newland C, Blood CG.  Emergency Medicine in the Persian Gulf--Battlefield Casualties.  Annals of  Emergency Medicine

Blood CG,  Hoiberg AL.  Analyses of Variables Underlying U.S. Navy Diving Accidents. Undersea Biomedical Research

Hoiberg AL, Blood CG.  Age‑specific Morbidity Among Navy Pilots. Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine


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